The A Line – Destination DIA

The new University of Colorado A Line is now open and running to and from DIA. This is an exciting new addition to Denver’s public transportation system!


In the past travelers only had a few options of getting to the airport. Taxi, Uber, shuttle, RTD bus and parking were some of the common options. The cheapest option was convincing a family member or friend to drop you off for some beer or lunch. Now travelers can drive to one of the many stops and park their car for $2 a day. This is much cheaper than the parking options close to DIA. The train costs $9 for a one-way ticket and runs till 1:26 am.


This will be a nice option for those longer trips where parking fees can really add up. No longer will travelers need to be worried about traffic or road conditions. They can simply hop on at one of the train’s 7 stops and catch up on e-mails, read a book or take a nap on their way to DIA. The trip from union station, the lines first stop, takes approximately 37 minutes! I hope you try out the new A line on your next trip, I know I will!