Land, Ranches, and Farms

Ajax Real Estate Farm and Ranch broker associates are locally educated and strategic marketers determined to get our clients the very best price for their family farm or ranch. Ajax Real Estate promises to deliver outstanding customer service with each and every Buyer or Seller we work with. Ajax Real Estate understands that some Ranches and Farms have been with the same family for generations and it is paramount that these properties are treated with professionalism and stewardship of the land. We strive to meet or exceed our customer’s desires and goals for each property we list for sale, or acquire for our clients.

We understand that farm and ranch owners take a great deal of pride in their family farms or ranch and want the very best price for each of the components whether it is the land, the water rights, and/or the mineral rights being offered. We have done extensive research on various land parcels throughout Colorado. Our goal with each Farm and Ranch parcel is to determine what the highest and best use for each property and what steps need to be taken to achieve this goal.

We offer a variety of experience and services to achieve this goal such as the following:

  • Rezoning of property
  • Annexations of property
  • Land entitlements through the county or city
  • Various land or open space dedications
  • Water value and highest and best use for the water rights potable or non- potable
  • Mineral rights and the highest and best use for these rights
  • Formation and implementation of metro districts
  • Land development and development cost estimating for efficiencies

We understand soils, production, and the economic market conditions and endeavor to supply documentation for each Buyer or Seller that is needed in order to make an informed decision before moving forward. Give us a call or email us today to inquire about a farm or ranch properties you won’t be disappointed with the service you will receive.